We sell Certified Wheat, Bean and Pea Seed – please see below for our current list of varieties.

Varieties for 2018

Winter Wheat

  • C2 KWS Montana
  • C2 KWS Siskin
  • C2 KWS Zyatt
  • C2 RAGT Gravity
  • C2 KWS Barrel
  • C2 Shabras
  • C2 KWS Crispin
  • C2 KWS Kerrin

Spring Wheat

  • C2 KWS Alderon

Spring Bean

  • C2 Lynx

Spring Pea

  • C2 Prophet

We grow all our seed on our own farm, giving us an opportunity to aim for a top quality sample, from drilling through to harvest. We bag seed to order in either 500 or 1000kg bags. The bags are substantial and have fours corner lift or single lift options, they are multi-trip bags.

We can offer a number of seed dressings including:- Rancona, Redigodeter, Galmano, Latitude, Floman, Kick-off, and many others including various combinations.

We also have an Open Day in June.

For all seed enquiries please contact the farm office on 01234 376284.