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Winter Wheat Varieties


Tonnes sold in 2023

Varieties for Autumn 2024:


NEW  – LG BEOWULF – Group 4 Hard Wheat 
Highest Yielding on RL 2024/25 
Excellent untreated yields, strong agronomic package and great results on both Light and Heavy Soils. 
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KWS Zyatt – Group 1 Milling 
Still the UK’s highest yielding Group 1. 
We have grown this since 2018 reliably as 1st and 2nd Wheats. 
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KWS Extase – Group 2 – UK Bread making
The most popular Wheat variety in the UK!
The highest Untreated Yield across all groups and we have grown it since 2019. 
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KWS Palladium – Group 2 – UK Bread making
Brilliant agronomic package for a very clean bread maker. 
We are in our 2nd Year of growing this variety.
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LG Skyscraper – Group 4 Soft Wheat 
Very consistent yielder with late drilling to battle against Blackgrass.
We have been growing this since 2020. 
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DSV Champion – Group 4 Hard
A brilliant barn filler with one for the highest yield ratings. 
Another good all-round driller due to quick emergence (not recommended for early September). 
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KWS Dawsum – Group 4 Hard
One of the best agronomic packages across the board. 
A great variety for drilling early and late with consistently high yields. We are growing this for our 3rd year.
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KWS Ladum – Group 1 Milling
High-yielding Spring Wheat with added bonus of making milling and baking quality. We are in our third year of growing this great spring crop. 
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KWS Manager – Yellow 
We have been growing this variety for 3 years now, and it’s been one of the long-standing performers on the Descriptive List for 5 years with a very high protein content. Only one of two yellow varieties to have resistance against powdery mildew.  
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We are also able to offer seed cleaning and colour sorting services

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